After Tryouts

How Will Players be Notified of Their Placement?

Players selected for a team will be notified by email first and then if they accept the offer via email they will receive a follow up phone call from their coach. Once the player makes a commitment to their coach, a second email will be sent to the parent / guardian with instructions on how to move forward to complete the acceptance process.

How to Accept Your Player's Spot on a TSC Team

Acceptance by a player and his/her family is considered binding, and each player/family is expected to make a commitment to their respective program for its duration (season/year).

This commitment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Filling a roster spot on a team for the entire year
  • Fulfilling all training, game and financial commitments

Shortly after the completion of an age group’s tryouts, selected players will be invited to join a team. Because there are multiple teams within each age group across three different locations, players are asked to make a decision quickly. To accept this invitation and officially join Tennessee Soccer Club, you must complete team registration using the link provided in your invitation email. During the team registration process, you will be asked to upload a headshot and birth certificate.  At the end of the registration process you will be required to enter a payment method (credit card, cash, or check).  Once you enter your payment method, you will be charged a deposit that is part of the player’s total TSC Club Dues.

Once this acceptance is made and team registration is complete, the player and his or her family are committed to the team and the Club for the entire playing year and are expected to fulfill all training, game and financial commitments.  

New Players: After tryouts are complete and teams selected, any new player (who did not attend tryouts or register for tryouts) wishing to join TSC must contact the appropriate Director of Coaching to discuss eligibility and to arrange a time to be evaluated.  All required registration materials must be completed prior to a player’s evaluation. The Directors of Coaching will make all decisions regarding new players interested in joining TSC after tryouts and team selection and their placement on a TSC team.

In-season Transfers between TSC teams: The Directors of Coaching staff may transfer a player between TSC teams during the seasonal year.