1st Annual Juggle-A-Thon

Tennessee Soccer Club will be hosting its 1st Juggle-A-Thon fundraiser on Tuesday April 20 and Wednesday April 21.  This fundraiser is used to help raise money in partnership with Special Olympics Tennessee.  Contributions will support new opportunities for Special Olympics athletes and help grow the soccer programming throughout the state.

Each player has a goal of $50 that they are trying to reach.  Donations can be in the form of a flat amount or based on the number of successful juggles the player performs.   There will also be awards and prizes given out to….

  • Player that raises the most money
  • Team that raises the most combined money
  • Top Juggler in each age group (boys & girls combined)

Rules for Juggle-A-Thon

  • Each player will have three attempts at practice.
  • We will take the total number from all three attempts and that will be the player’s final score.
  • Players may use any part of their body except their hands.
  • The counter begins when player juggles the first time and ends when the ball touches the ground.

THANK YOU for choosing to participate.  It’s our GOAL to raise lots of donations this year to create opportunities .  Happy Fundraising and Good Luck!

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